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7th Meeting of the ICANN Studienkreis

25–26 September 2006, Prague

Hotel “Ambassador”

The ICANN Studienkreis brings together high level experts from policy, industry, technology, academia, civil society and the media. The ICANN Studienkreis was established in 1999 after ICANNs 1 st Annual meeting in Marina del Rey (November 1999) as a joint initiative by the German speaking ccTLD registries (DENIC, and SWITCH), the Media City Leipzig e.V. and the University of Aarhus to create an additional “European voice” to the ICANN process Its mission is to stimulate discussion about the future of development of the Internet, to create public awareness on Internet Governance issues, to bring together different constituencies and stakeholders from policy, business, technology, civil society, academia and the media and to follow and analyze ICANN activities. The ICANN Studienkreis is an open network with meanwhile more than 300 members, mainly from academia, business and civil society. The ICANN Studienkreis organizes an annual meeting. Previous meetings took place in Leipzig (2000), Zürich (2001), Salzburg (2002), Moscow (2002), Berlin (2003), Aarhus (2004) and Brussels (2005). The successful development of the ICANN Studienkreis encouraged the organizers in 2004 to “globalize” the annual event. Since 2004 there are two annual conferences: one “German Language Event” organized by the three German speaking ccTLDs in spring (Zürich 2004, Vienna 2005 and Berlin 2006 under the name “Domain Pulse), and the “International Event” in fall (Aarhus 2004, Bruessels 2005, Prague 2006).






The Internet Strategy of the Czech Republic

Michal Frankl, Council of Czech Telecommunication Office, Former Vice Minister for Informatics, Prague


The Domain Name Market in the Czech Republic

Ondrej Filip, CZ-NIC, Manager ccTLD Registry, Praha
Zbynek Loebl, Czech Domain Name Arbitration Court, Prague


Plenary I

Towards an Enhanced Space for Top Level Domains

The process of introduction of new gTLDs is moving forward. Since 2000 more than 10 new gTLDs has been introduced. More will come. ICANN´s GNSO Council has started a new round of open consultations. One possible new direction could be TLDs which offer users to link themselves to a special cultural, language or geographical identity. This session presents and discusses related projects which have been already implemented, are waiting for approval or fly around as new ideas.


Introduction & Moderation: Michael Heller, SHSG, Düsseldorf



Experiences with the registration of the European Identifier .eu: A Registrars Perspective

Markus Eggensperger, United Domains, Starnberg


A new gTLD for Catalan Language: What happened since .cat started?

Ammadeu Abril I Abril, Fundacio puntCAT, Barcelona (TBC)


Contributions from New Local and Regional Projects
Berlin: Dirk Kirschenowski, .berlin, Berlin
New York: Thomas Lowenhaupt, .nyc
Wales: Sion T. Jobbins, .cym


Input on gTLD and Communities by Marie Zitkova, .aero

Comments by Ken Stubbs, member of ICANN´s GNSO Council


Plenary II

Will Late Starters become Front Runners in new Markets?

Internet development in Central and Eastern Europe has started late but is moving forward fast. Domain name registration has doubled in many countries in the last couple of years and new services are introduced. The session will give an overview about situation in some of new EU member states and other countries in the region.


Intoduction & Moderation: Paul Kane, Chairman of the Board, CENTR, Oxford


National Case Report:
Poland: Andrzej Bartosiewicz, NASK, Warsaw
Russia: Andrej Mikejew, Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), Moscow
Hungary: Arpad B. Palotas, Council of Hungarian Internet Providers, Budapest
Slovakia: Peter Biro, Slovak Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications, Bratislava, GAC
Serbia: Vladimir Radunovic, AVACOM, Belgrade & Diplo Foundation Malta
Moldova: Veronica Cretu, CMB Training Center, Kishinjow


Comments by Veni Markowski, Bulgaria, ICANN Director


Plenary III

More Business Opportunities via new Emerging Services in the DNS Environment

The development of Internet domain name and number space offers a broad range of new opportunities which come with IPv6, new gTLDs, iDNS, RFIDs, mobile services and new challenges to DNS security and privacy concerns. The session will discuss some of the new business opportunities as well as the new problems and risks.


Introduction & Moderation: Kenneth Cukier, The Economist. London

Emerging Services: What are the new Opportunities in the Next Generation Internet?

Key Note Speaker: David W. Maher, Senior Vice President – Law & Policy, Public Interest Registry


iDNs: Philipp Grabensee, Afilias Ltd. , Chair of the Board of Directors,
ENUM: Alex Mayrhofer,, Vienna
Internet Advertising: Paul Krieg, Cogit Group LLC N.N.,
RFID: Annette Kroeber Riel, Senior Manager, Policy,VeriSign


Comments by: Khaled Fattal, Chair, Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC)


Plenary IV

Looking Forward: Internet of Things

After years of discussion, the new generation networks are becoming a reality, linking more and more mobile devices and innovative services to the Internet. How the Internet will look like in the year 2010? This session discusses and speculates about the future.


Introduction & Moderation: Wolfgang Kleinwächter, University of Aarhus


Key Note Speaker: Andrew McLaughlin, Chief Policy Officer, Google Inc., San Francisco


Desiree Miloshevic, ISOC Board Trustee
Louis Pouzin, Consultant



Thanks to our sponsors in 2006:

The ICANN-Studienkreis is now sponsored by the main three gTLD Registries: VeriSign, Afilias and PIR. Additional sponsors for the 7 th meeting in Prague are dotberlin, CENTR, RIPE, CZ.NIC and United Domains. The Media Partner is again “The Economist”.


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