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The ICANN-Studienkreis is an open network of individuals from different Internet constituencies from the private sector, the academia, the civil society, the media and the government. Established in 1999, the ICANN Studienkreis organizes annual high level expert seminars on subjects, related to Internet Governance and the development of ICANN. Previous meetings took place in Leipzig (2000), Zürich (2001), Moscow (2001), Salzburg (2002), Berlin (2003), Aarhus (2004), Brussels (2005), Prague (2006), Warsaw (2007), Helsinki (2008), Barcelona (2010), Budapest (2011), Oslo (2012), Pisa (2013), Sofia (2014), Amsterdam (2015), Dubrovnik (2016). Speakers at the meetings included, inter alia, present and former ICANN Directors Vint Cerf, Esther Dyson, Helmuth Schink, Hans Kraaijenbring, Alejandro Pisanty, Michael Palage, Rob Blokzijl and Andy Mueller Maguhn.